Re: Israeli Immigration Records #general

Israel P

This is correct as far as it goes, but needs some qualification.

Their lists include passengers arriving at proper ports, not those arriving
overland or in clandestine fashion.

Occasionally, the films of passenger lists will have a missing page.

You cannot ask the CZA to search, unless you pretty much know when the
immigrant arrived.

If you request a search, you must make it clear that the person may have
arrived as a tourist. I had one instance where we had the information
correct, but they did not look at the six tourists at the bottom of the
typewritten page.

When going to the CZA, call ahead and make sure the computers are
running properly that day. (And hope they continue to do so.)

Israel Pickholtz

On 23 Jun 2012 at 0:04, Rose Feldman wrote:
The Central Zionist Archive together with the Israel State Archive
have comprehensive collection of the lists of immigrants starting
about 1919. The material is not online.

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