Galitzianer Rabbinical Families: PANZER, BAUMOHL, FLAUM #general

Tamar Gold <trgold@...>

Looking for information on the family of Leo PANZER who married in the Bronx
in 1941 to Ida BAUMOHL (or similar spelling).

The rabbi who married them was Rabbi FLAUM of Daly Ave, Bronx. Who was he?
Was he related to Rav David FLAUM of Montreal, maybe one and the same person?

Ida (Hindele) escaped the Holocaust and came to join her uncle Philip BAUMOL
of the Bronx about 1938. Her family left behind perished.

Leo and Ida are buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, NYC. Do their graves appear
on the internet websites so I can track who their fathers' were?

I am trying to connect these two Galtizianer rabbinical families to those of
the same name that appear in my book The Unbroken Chain.

Neil Rosenstein

Please respond to neilgenealogy@...

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