1917 Minsk Birth Records Translated - Of Interest to All Researchers of Eastern and Central Europe #belarus


Thanks to the generosity of Vitaly Charny, the translation of the 1917 Minsk
Birth Records have been completed. Vitaly is a real gentleman and an expert
in deciphering the Russian records, finding many details that others might
overlook. This is a very significant set of records because it covers a
period during World War I and the year of two revolutions. It is also the
period when the residency restrictions of the Pale disappeared. Therefore,
there were major migrations of people within the old Russian Empire as well
as migrations >from other European countries. Even though this record group
was supposed to contain only 1917 Minsk births, Vitaly also found some
births >from 1915-1916. The parents of the children born in Minsk came from
many other towns and villages >from Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore,
people researching families >from other than Minsk and other than Belarus may
find useful family data in this file.

Per Vitaly: Another observation >from the set - "it was used by [Soviet]
authorities at least through mid-1930s to issues birth certificates (as I
see >from remarks)."

Those people who have contributed at least $100 to the Minsk Gubernia:
Revision Lists and Metrical Records Project on the Belarus SIG portion of
have been sent an Excel file of these records. Donations to the Belarus SIG
General Fund or the JewishGen General Fund DO NOT count. The donation must
be made to the Revision Lists and Metrical Records Project. If anyone has
made such a donation and did not get the file, please email me a copy of the
email receipt you received >from JewishGen and I will send you the file.

These records will eventually be added to the JewishGen Belarus Database.

It should also be mentioned that this set of records is NOT in the Belarus
Archives in Minsk or Grodno. We still of many more records >from Minsk
District that remain to be translated. A complete list of records in this
collection can be viewed at:


David Fox
Belarus SIG Founder & Past Coordinator
Arnold, Maryland, USA

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