Where is PINSK, RUSSIA ? Searching for the Family SCHEWACH #general

Moshe Schaeffer

Hello all
I have found a U.S. Naturalization Records for my Great Great Great
Grand Mother which says her husband came >from Pinsk, Russia. She was
born in 1874 they were married in 1896 in Kovno. I would like to find
more about my G G G Grand father (since my father just passed away and
he was named for him). His name in the USA was Louis his Hebrew name was
Zalman Leib ben Moshe last name SCHEWACH. In the USA it was SHAFER or
SCHAFER or SCHAEFFER .He was married to Minnie. His parents were KIVA
and Rive Leah Levine // What would be the best way to start looking for
information on all of them . In the USA I have found some info on them,
he came to the USA in 1903. If you have info on these names or can help
point me in the right direction to go please be in touch. Thank you for
your help in this matter. I have post on the SIG I thought where the
right place but did not get any replys which why I ask where is Pinsk ,
Russia in one document it is spelled PESK are these the same ? Any clue
would be a great help. Thank you all again for your help.
Moshe Schaeffer

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