Vaikhanni and Mongoliya in Vitebsk oblast - Belarus #belarus


I recently returned >from my two weeks visit to Russia where I spent the
occasion of the New Year with the family Vaikhansky (Voichansky, Woichansky)
from Russia whom I have found a little more than one year ago after many
years of searching. They live in a small village by the Volga river near
the city of Samara. Every day I sat by the burning fire (when outdoors was
very cold and a lot of snow) and interviewed my 80 years old second cousin
Larissa (and also shot in video and recorded her). She told me amazing
things about our family and our family name. Larissa was always interested
in the family history and received a lot of information especially >from her
grandmother Biella Abramovna.
One of the things that she told me about my family history which I had only
a vague idea before, is about the Mongolian origin of the family and she
said: The family ancestry and our last name Vaikhansky are >from a
Mongolian origin (Vai-Khan means a Leader in the Mongolian Language).
Probably one Jew who was exiled to Siberia in the -18 century had married
a Mongolian woman, converted her to the Jewish Relligion and then they had
children. When the children grew up they became very brave warriors.
So during the early 19th century (around 1800) The Czar Alexander the first
moved this Mongolian family >from Mongolia to Vitebsk area in Belarus to
participate of guarding the borders of the empire >from the invasion of
enemies (Germans, Swedes, etc ...). They established a Mongolian Jewish
village called Vaikhanni (here she interpreted to me the name - Vaikhan - a
great leader >from the Mongols) and virtually all residents were of this one
Mongolian Jewish family. The area was inhabited almost entirely by Jews.
Local Jewish women fell in love with the burly Mongolian men who considered
themselves Jews and hence mixed with the local Jewish women.
I have found in the Internet some information about Vaikhanni and Mongoliya
near Vitebsk. I would like to find out if someone knows if Mongolians
people founded Mongoliya and Vaihanni near by Vitebsk Belarus in the -19th
century? Did Jewish people live also in the town Mongoliya by Vitebsk before
the war? (since I know that Jews have lived in Vaikhanni before the war).
Thank you very much,
Dror Vaikhansky

Here are the links to Vaikhanni and Mongoliya in Belarus:

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