Frauenkirschen, Austria--Seeking Information/Record of Death on Hanna Unger #general

Dennis Wulkan

Seeking information, specifically the exact date of death of Hanna (FISCHER)
UNGER. We have no information on date of birth (b. Frauenkirschen, Austria)
or date of death except it is believed she died circa 1928 (+/- 5 yrs) in
Frauenkirschen, Austria. Hanna was married to Avraham Meir Unger, also of
Frauenkirschen, and she gave birth to Rabbi Siegmund Unger on 2/22/1883
(d. 2 Nov. 1944) in Frauenkirschen. Could not find any records >from
Frauenkirschen online nor any cemetery/gravestone info. Guidance on how to
proceed to obtain Jewish records >from Frauenkirschen or any leads much
Responses may be sent to dwulkan@...
Best regards,

Dennis Wulkan
Seattle, Washington, USA

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