Requests for Research Assistance in Philadelphia #general

Jerry Schneider <jerry.schneider@...>

I would like to thank the JewishGen'ner community for stepping up to
help me with my brick wall. I have received much advice, many
suggestions and offers of assistance.

Because of this assistance, I have been able to search all available
indexes for Philadelphia vital records, Unfortunately, there are no
records to support any of the numerous references by my ancestors
that they were born in, married or died in Philadelphia. So, the
Philadelphia city and county search is being abandoned.

Because there were so many references by so many relatives, I am
assuming that these events may have occurred in one of the adjacent
Pennsylvania Counties. Although I live in Burke, VA, a small town
known only by us locals, I often say I am >from "Washington, DC", a
well-known city just up the road a piece. I am hoping that the
references to "Philadelphia" were similar to my own example.

So, I am now trying to put together a plan for researching the
adjacent counties. Is there a state-wide index for vital record
events available at the PA State Archives? This may help me find the
county or city where this family was located.

However, because several of the events occurred before 1900, there's
a great chance that the records don't exist or, if they do, only at
the Clerk's Office for the particular city or town.

Any suggestions or offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Jerry Schneider

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