Natan Nate #general

Dan <doren@...>

A recent ViewMate posting of a tombstone with the name of "Natan Nate"
(Hebrew letters nun-taf-nunsofit nun-tet-ayin) raises the question for me
of the name nun-tet-ayin.

Is this typically meant as a nickname "Nate", an alternative to the formal name
of Natan or Nathan.
Or is this properly meant as a second given name, "Nateh", perhaps?

This combination appears on a tombstone as well for a different relative in my
extended family.

Dan Oren
Woodbridge, Connecticut, USA

Also searching: MAJZELS >from Lublin, Poland and CHUWENs and KALBERs >from Kozlow,
Tarnopol Province, Galicia

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