Information Available From Moscow Central Archives #general

Howard Margol

I appreciate Marilyn's efforts in finding records in the Moscow archives.
However, actually obtaining the records is the major problem. I have tried
contacting the archive in past years, without success. I located someone in
Moscow who agreed to find and translate Lithuanian Jewish records, for a
fee, and that did not work. She said the regulations, restrictions, etc.
with the Moscow archives were too difficult to deal with.

If anyone can tell me how to obtain the records, I would greatly
appreciate it. Perhaps someone has succeeded where I have failed.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

<<From: Marilyn Robinson
Information can be found at the Russian language site at: or regarding:

Moscow Synagogue records (1869-1892) for Jews >from Moscow and the district
of Moscow province (CIAM, f. 2372, 33 units. Mts., 1870-1915)--births,
deaths, divorces

Moscow Jewish Community (1866-1919) (CIAM, f. 1455, 112 units. Mts.,
1904-1927)--deals with socio-economic, fiscal, legal, cultural, educational,
religious, statistical data--such as information regarding "Jewish Income Tax",
food aid to Jewish refugees, Jewish organizations, schools, libraries, guided
tours and children's parties, civil disputes, polling cards for elections,
brochures in Hebrew, lists of candidates for election, committee to assist
Jewish victims of pogroms, photos of children, etc.

Moscow Public Rabbi (CIAM, f. 1457, 76 units. Mts., 1893-1918)--some info.about
Rabbi Frenkel Maze--evidence for the burial of Jews, registration cards for
newborns (1899-1910), certificates and licenses issued for marriage,petitions
filed for divorce, birth registration, marriage (1902-1917), birth certificates
(1901-1909), conversion (?) of Jews to Orthodox faith, correspondence with
rabbis regarding rights of inheritance, soldiers holiday leave,naming rites
(1905-08), information related to prison & prisoners, review of "Jewish Dept."
libraries by Rabbi Frenkel.

Utility Board For Jewish Prayer Institutions (1894-1929) (CIAM, f. 1456,
331 units. Mts., 1870-1929) Parish registers Abelskaya Jewish Society at
Novo-Alexandrov, Kovno gubernia, births, deaths (1881-1907, 1915), lists
of Jewish deportees (1924), info. related to the poor & needy, etc.>>

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