Information needed on Sarah KRAUSE from Boston #general

Sherri Bobish

< (Henry Krinkle) wrote:
My grandmother's last name was a variation of the name KRAUSE. I don't know
how it was spelled hence I am unable to find any information on her family.

She was married to Wilfred RODMAN also of Boston in the thirties. I would
be curious to know what her parents name was so I might then purchase their
naturalization papers and find out what country this branch came from. My
father told me he thought they came >from Lithuania or Latvia. Can someone
help me?
Henry asked for information on Sarah, wife of Wilfred RODMAN.

At he can view the 1927 New Hampshire marriage
certificate of Sarah and Wilfred. Sarah KRAUS is how the surname is
spelled on the marriage cert. Her parents are listed as Elia KRAUS and
Annie BLOOM.

There is much more data on the marriage cert to be seen.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

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