MOSS from Grodno and KALESKI from Sopotskin #general

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We have achieved a new dead end and home someone out their in
JewishGenLand can provide illumination. My husband's great-grandfather,
Jacob MOSS, was born in (Hrodno) Grodno, Belarus in about 1840 and
emigrated to the US around 1866, spending a short time in NYC, but quickly
moving on to Jefferson, Texas. His wife Caroline was born in Hrodno about

Jacob began his Texas life, first as a foot peddler, next a horse peddler
and finally as a store owner. Family lore has it that he and his son Willie
also plied their trade in a canoe, selling their wares to the Indians on
nearby Caddo Lake.

Except for the name of the town, we have no other information about the
MOSSes before prior to their arrival the US. His oldest daughter Anna was
born in Grodno in 1860-62. Lulu (m. Harry SIMON), my husband's grandmother
was born in Jefferson in 1869 and was followed by the twins, Rebecca (m.
Ike HARRIS) and Helen (m. SHACK). The two youngest were Willie and Esther
(m. Morris HARRIS) were all born in Jefferson.

Sam KALESKI, a relative >from Sopokinie (Sopotsin), Belarus followed the
family to Texas in 1885 and married Anna in 1887. Anna and Esther's
families remained in Texas, along with Willie who never married. Lulu and
Rebecca raised their families in Chicago, where they were said to have other
relatives. Helen lived first in Memphis and then moved to Chicago.

Carolyn Simon, Tucson, AZ, # 139371

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