Need help finding passenger manifest #general

Pat Shaw <pshaw@...>

My ggf, William FRIEDMAN, arrived in New York City in 1902. According to
his naturalization petition he sailed on the SS Dresden >from Bremen Feb
1902. I can find no listing for him on this ship, or indeed anywhere in 1902.

I believe that he sailed Cabin Class - would these people have had to go
through Ellis Island? Is that why I can't find him. Have been searching
for quite a few years - on Steve Morse's website, Ellis Island website,
Ancestry's website. Also I believe that my ggm, Sarah, and 9 or 10
children sailed with her separately. Can't find them either. Can anybody
help, please. Where do I go >from here?

Patricia Shaw
searching: FRIEDMANN, Szalaszend, Buzinka. POLLACSEK, Debrecen

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