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Meron Lavie

As some of you may recall, I was whining in this forum several months
ago regarding the dearth of vital records available on line for
Buchach (nee Buczacz).

Well, while looking up some of the members of my family >from Buczacz in
Google hoping to luck out, I ran across a patent granted to one of those
cousins of mine. The patent contained important information for me, which
enabled me to complete some missing parts of my family puzzle (and trust
me, my family is quite puzzling...).

The patent in question is for the modern department store clothes hanger
(you know, the ones with all the nooks and crannies for hanging clothes by
their straps, etc.).

Now, my mother has never been that interested in genealogy. But when she
heard that one of her relatives had invented something related to clothes
shopping, she started to seriously consider changing her religion >from
Judaism to Ancestor Worship...

Oranit, Israel

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From: DJ Israel [mailto:djisrael@...]
... The point is, discovering that a relative or ancestor applied for a patent
can send you off in new directions. If the invention was a hit, there
might be articles in newspapers, special interest or technical publications.

Patents, copyrights and/or their proceeds can also be passed along in the
holder's will. The names of beneficiaries - whether individuals, charities
or commercial enterprises - might open more avenues.

Even if the invention or creative work wasn't successful (or was totally
off-the-wall), the inventor might have had enough faith in it that he/she
wanted its value to accrue to someone...

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