Evolution of a Surname: BIALOGURSKI to LEVINSKY #general

Ricki Zunk

Many years ago, when I was beginning my family research, someone sent me
an email explaining how the people in the BIALOGURSKI branch of our
family (>from Sejny, Suwalki, Lithuania) came to North America and once
here (on on their way here) changed their surname >from BIALOGURSKI to
LEVINSKY or LEVINE or LAVINE. I got that info about 20 years ago. Now,
I cannot find the letter or email anywhere, and sadly my memory is not as
good as it used to be.

Does anyone have a logical explanation for this particular evolution? I
know that names can be changed for all sorts of reasons (or non-reasons),
but the fact that someone actually *knew* the answer all those years ago
makes me all the more anxious to find that info once again.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. You may respond to his
question privately OR, if you think it might help others, kindly post it
to the group.

Thanks for your kind attention to this request,

(Mrs.) Ricki Lynn Randall Zunk
Miami, FL, USA

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