Re: Polish Jews in USSR during WW2 #general


Aubrey Jacobus asked:
"Has there been any published research on the large number of Polish Jews
who escaped the Nazis by fleeing into the Soviet zone of Poland after
the invasion by Nazi forces in 1939."

My brother-in-law and I have been translating an interview by a family
member who was arrested by the Russians in Poland and sent to various
work camps in Siberia before finally getting to Israel. As background
reading I came across two very useful books dealing with the subject

Smoke in the Sand; the Jews of Lvov in the war years 1939-1944, by
Eliyahu Yones, published in jerusalem 2007

Bitter legacy; confronting the Holocaust in the USSR, edited by Zvi
Gitelman, Indiana Univ. press 1997

Alan Cohen
researching KUTNOWSKI and DEITSCH (Deytz) Gostynin, Lodz, Wloclawek

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