Re: Evolution of a Surname: BIALOGURSKI to LEVINSKY #general

Alexander Sharon <olek.sharon@...>

Ricki Zunk wrote:

Many years ago, when I was beginning my family research, someone sent me
an email explaining how the people in the BIALOGURSKI branch of our
family (>from Sejny, Suwalki, Lithuania) came to North America and once
here (on on their way here) changed their surname >from BIALOGURSKI to
LEVINSKY or LEVINE or LAVINE. I got that info about 20 years ago. Now,
I cannot find the letter or email anywhere, and sadly my memory is not as
good as it used to be.

Does anyone have a logical explanation for this particular evolution? I
know that names can be changed for all sorts of reasons (or non-reasons),
but the fact that someone actually *knew* the answer all those years ago
makes me all the more anxious to find that info once again.

Bialogurski (Bialogorski) literally translates as a "Whitehill".
Perhaps there is an association with Hebrew "Lavan" [LVN] or "White",
hence Lavine.
Just a speculation.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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