Looking for Yuri PAGLIN of Astrakhan, Russia (1991) #general

David Curwin <tobyndave@...>

For the past several years, I have been researching my original family
surname - PAGLIN. I have found relatives all over the world, and discovered
many interesting individuals and stories. At one point, someone mentioned
that my grandfather had a cousin who served in a high rank in the Red Army,
but was killed in Stalin's purges. At the time I couldn't find any
confirmation of this, but recently I found this site

[Moderator note: shortened URL - http://goo.gl/RsjNr ]

which confirms the story. His name was Nathan Paglin, and was killed in

After further searching, I found this site:


which mentions a Yuri Paglin, son of Nathan, living in Astrakhan in the
early 1990s.

He founded the Astrakhan branch of the Moscow Agricultural Company.

I'm trying to see if he's still there - and if I could contact him or
someone >from his family.

It would be very significant to me to reconnect any members of this family
with the rest of the Paglin family. I assume they knew nothing of what
happened to the rest of the family after Nathan joined the army.

Do you know anyone I could contact there who might be able to help me? Any
other ideas on how I could continue this search?


David Curwin
Efrat, Israel

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