Translation please #general


Please help me with the German to English translation that appears on this picture
posted on Viewmate. Word for word translation please.

The photo is of Adelheid Rubel Rutner and her son, Charlie. Adelhei,her siblings
and mother, Dorothea Dressler Rubel immigrated to Buenos Aires >from Vienna (via
Hamburg) in 1910. Supposedly, Dorothea's husband, Aron Rubel accompanied them, but
I am unable to find evidence of this travelling to Buenos Aires. They returned to
Vienna at some point after the conclusion of WW I. Adelheid was married to Max
Rutner. I am searching everywhere for evidence that these three (Max, Adelheid and
Charlie) died in the Holocaust. As of today, no luck. Adelheid's brothers, Max,
Theodor and Adolph immigrated to the US successfully about 1938.


Michael Diamant

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