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Susan Steeble

Brooke, I agree that the names of the shtetls look like Beres. (probably an
abbreviation) and Zarnel (or Zurnel). I consulted the Global Gazetteer
( and found a number of places that
begin with Zar or Zur. I noted their coordinates of latitude and longitude in the
hope of matching them up with towns beginning with Beres. The best match was for
the town of(Gmina) Zarnowiec in Zawiercie County, Poland, which is close to the
village of Brzeziny; both towns are about 42 miles northeast of Katowice, in the
Kielce-Radom region. So that is one possibility.

Searching further on alternative spellings of Brzeziny, I found that there is also
a city called Brzezany (or Berezhany) near Ternopil, in western Ukraine. Admittedly
however, the best candidates for Zarnel in that area, Zavalov and Zhuriv, are not
very close matches.

I hope this info provides you with some further leads.

Brooke Schreier Ganz wrote:
One town looks like "Zarnel" or "Zurnel", and other other looks like "Berrs" or
"Beres." (with possibly a period after it?). It's probably more likely than not
that the two towns are near each other, if that helps the identification process at
all. The only name that seems possible in the JewishGen Communities database is
perhaps Zarnow, Poland for "Zarnel", but it's iffy. Any guesses as to the identity
of these towns would be very much appreciated.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

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