Earle FINKELSTEIN #general

Paul Silverstone

I am trying to find out some information about Earle FINKELSTEIN.

Earle FINKELSTEIN is listed as a grandson of Chaim FINKELSTEIN in the
probate records of his will in Winnipeg. Chaim died on 22 Mar 1920,
age 78, and the probate records are dated 1924.
Earle is listed as the son of Calman FINKELSTEIN, a son of Chaim. Chaim
had five other children all of whom came to Canada. I do not believe
Calman came to North America. He and his wife Belle Atlas had this one
son Earle. It is stated in the probate record that he was in Winnipeg
and that Calman was deceased. (This Calman is not to be confused with
Colman Finkelstein, the son of Tevel F.)
Otherwise I have no information about him. His first name was
undoubtedly different in Ukraine. Other than the probate records he
doesn't seem to exist.

Paul Silverstone
New York
please reply to paulh@aya.yale.edu

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