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Paulette Bronstein


Dear Fellow Genners!
Sincere thanks to Brenda H. who lives in Israel. She found the family
of Leah Giler, the person who is listed in the Ostrog Yizkor Book!
Coincidentally my husband and his brother are flying to Israel today to
attend a family wedding. They will be speaking to their newly found
relatives! Unbelievably my father in law and Leah Giler did not know
that they both survived the Holocaust! They have both passed away. My
father in law never spoke to his children about his war experience. We
are hoping that these new relatives will be able to tell us more about
the BRONSHTEIN family of Ostrog.
Paulette Bronstein
BRONSHTEIN - Ostrog Ukraine, Hadera and Kfar Saba Israel
GAMBURG - Salakas Lithuania, Ekaterinoslav Ukraine, Brooklyn NY
GAMUS - Disna Belarus, Ekaterinoslav Ukraine, Brooklyn NY
LEVIN-PITEL-SHAPIR - Salakas Lithuania

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