Suggestions for Washilischop, Russia-Poland? #general

Philip Trauring

Found a naturalization petition for my gg-grandfather, which listed his
place of birth as either Washilischop or Washiliachop, Russia-Poland.
The typed version uses an a, but it looks like an s to me in the
handwritten version.

The only other piece of information I have is that his wife was >from
Volpa/Wolpa which was in Russia, and then Poland (after WWI), and it is
now in Belarus.

The closest I can find is Wasilkow, Poland, which is 48.8 miles >from
Volpa. There are birth records of Wasilkow but only starting in 1870
and my gg-grandfather was born in 1869.

Any other ideas as to what town it might be?


Philip Trauring

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