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Phyllis Kramer

A fellow genealogist advised me of this site, located at There are about 5000 records >from all over Eastern
Galicia. The site explains:

The Digitized Collection of Jewish Records is a searchable database of
about 5000 digital copies of Jewish vital, communal, organizational,
legal, immigration, school, and other categories of records of
genealogical, historical and memorial value, most of them handwritten.
They stem >from the area of the former Austrian province of Eastern
Galicia (subsequently Poland), including Lvov, Stanislawow, and
Tarnopol provinces, spanning years >from the mid -19th century to the
late 30th of the 20th century. Presently they are stored in several
private collections.

Records donated to our database were inventoried, catalogued, arranged
in several categories, digitized, translated into English, and entered
in the web site. The DCJR database is actually the inventory of the
English language translations of these records, assorted in
alphabetical order and searchable by surnames. Our web site is
designed to make the researching of the documents listed in the
database easy.

Our web site provides a free on - line access to the English language
translations to these records. We hope our database will assist many
of our visitors in researching their Jewish ancestry or lost family

Happy Hunting!
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG Florida, VP, Education:
Researching (all Galicia) KRAMER, BEIM >from Jasienica Rosielna
...SCHEINER, KANDEL >from Strzyzow & Dubiecko
...LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn, Burstyn
...STECHER, TRACHMAN >from Nowy Zmigrod, Dukla
family web site:

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