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I think the simplest explanation is that they weren't enumerated.
I have the exact addresses of my parents, grandparents, an uncle and
aunt, and a great uncle and aunt in the Hyde Park section of Chicago, at
the time of the 1940 Census. They are not indexed and nowhere to be seen
in the census sheets >from their corresponding EDs. At the same time, other
close relatives in the same or adjacent EDs were enumerated. If my
relatives weren't home when the enumerator visited, even on repeated
attempts, they were not counted.

Steven Bachenheimer
Carrboro NC

On Tuesday, August 14, 2012 5:31:40 PM UTC-4, Hope Gordon wrote:
In response to Sandra and other Genners who cannot find relatives
in the 1940 Census, I want to tell about my experience with the
1940 Census. I used Ancestry. I was looking for relatives with
the surname of Goldfarb. I could not find them at all. Having
some idea of where they lived, I checked a few different E.D.
districts and used the lower portion of the Ancestry view, which
is very easy to read, to go through the pages quickly. I used
asterisks Gold**** after the Gold portion of the name and up came
"Goldfach" and Goldfart." The page with Goldfach actually said
Goldfach but the Goldfart was an error in transcription.

I know that some companies used Chinese linguists to do the
translations and they just translate characters into what they
think they are. They have no concept of what Jewish names were at
the time. Does anyone know if the companies are accepting
corrections? I am going to try FamilySearch to see if the same
errors appear. If you can't find the name, try a different
translation company.

From: "Sandra Karpay Hirschhorn" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 12:28:35 -0400
I have searched the 1940 Census in Ancestry and in Family Search. I've used
Steve Morse to identify the enumeration district for the address at which I
believe they lived. Nothing worked. Finally, using my maiden name, Karpay,
and nothing else on both websites I found my grandmother, an unmarried uncle
and a second uncle and his entire family, all accurate. But my father and
mother and I don't seem to have existed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or an explanation?

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