Re: Foster Children and Orphanages in NYC? #general

Lisa Lepore <llepore@...>

There wouldn't be a registry listing all the children who were/are in an

You would need to know which institution the person was in, then try to find
out if there are records that exist, and that you can access.

What time frame are you looking at? If the person was there during a census
year that is one way to learn the name of the institution.

If you can provide a little more information we might be able to help you
figure out this problem.

Foster homes as we know them today are regulated by the state. I'm sure
they do have records of all their foster care facilities, but you wouldn't
be able to access this information due to privacy laws. The person himself
may be able to get information.

Lisa Lepore
Mendon, MA

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From: Sarina Roffe <>
Does anyone know of a registry in NYC for orphanages or foster homes?
I have someone I know was in one and want to find a registry to track it
down further.

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