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Lisa Lepore <llepore@...>

Try the search tools at and locate the the census
enumeration district, then read through all the pages until you find
their address. If you can't find the street, or their street number
you will know they were skipped by the enumerator.

If you haven't used this method before, start here

According to a message posted here several months ago, the 1940 census was
undercounted by about 7.5 million people.

It wouldn't surprise me that there are many transcription errors as well
but using the method above, you will know for sure if their street was
included and they were missed, or if there was a transcription error.

Lisa Lepore
Mendon, MA

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I have not been able to find my grandparents, Tillie and Jacob Gerber, in
Chicago in the 1940 census, despite trying every combination of misspelling
I can think of (and using all different types of wild card combinations).

Nor can I find my mother, Rose Gerber (born 1918), who probably was still
living with them in Chicago, or in Washington, DC, where she eventually
moved (I don't have the exact date of her relocation).

My mother's brother, Norton Gerber (born 1915), is also not to be found
anywhere, in Chicago, or any other place...

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