Re: 1940 Census and my family - more missing people #general

A. E. Jordan writes:
There are definitely problems with the indexed 1940 Census. When this
census first became available, without the index, I was able to find me and my
parents,living with another family in Hartford, CT, when I searched the index by
street address. Now that the index is available, neither my parents and I, nor
our host family appear to be listed.

I think I maybe saying what everyone else is experiencing but the spelling
and transcription errors on one of the well known commercial sites are
massive. A lot of my family was in New Jersey so I only recently got the
index -- poor New Jersey was at the end of the effort for some reason.

I have had a massive amount of trouble finding people by just using the
spelling of their last names. I have found simple typing errors like Jordan
becoming Ordan, found names carried >from the family above on the page, etc.
etc. etc. I chalk it up to the massive effort to produce the index
quickly and hope they will go back and perfect the index over time. In the
meantime I am adding lots of comments to that site and I hope you are too when
you find the errors.

It can take some time but if you have the addresses check them as well.
But even then I found gaps, skips, etc.

My favorite so far is a family of funeral directors who is simply missing.
They appear to have lived over the funeral home so my guess is the
enumerator felt no one lived there or possibly just did not want to enter a
funeral home.

Allan Jordan

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