Re: Missing people in 1940 Index #general

sharon yampell

I have a slightly different method I use the first name of the person with the most
unusual first name.

For example, my maternal grandfather's name was Benjamin Buchalter, there were many
Benjamin Buchalters so I used my mother's first name instead since it was less
common than her father's and sure enough, there it was, in the 1940 census.
sharon yampell

From: PAuerbach@...
As other posters have mentioned sometimes people are missing >from the 1940
Census index as a result of transcription errors. To find missing people on the technique that has worked the best for me is searching by
first name only ideally starting with a child and entering the first names
of the child's parents and any siblings. Enter everything else you know as
well, including approximate birth year, birth location where the person was
living at the time of the census,relation to head of household, etc. This
technique works even if you're dealing with common first names as long as
you can fill in enough other information about the person.
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