GRAINER - New York City #general

Gloria Geller

I'm seeking information about two uncles who lived in New York City between
early 1920s until their deaths.

Harry GRAINER lived in Brooklyn but is said to have run a concession in Penn
Station - possibly >from the 1940s to the 1960s. He died in 1974.

Max GRAINER was a medical doctor who lived in Manhattan and practiced
medicine there - early 1920s through to around 1970s. He had a private
practice as well as working for the Department of Health, likely Bellevue
Hospital. He died in 1984. Any suggestions as to possible sources of
information about medical doctors who have practiced in New York City would
be appreciated.

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Gloria Geller
AVRUTSKY, Talne, Ukraine; GRANOFSKY, Zvenigorodka, Ukraine; GELLER,
Khashevata, Ukraine

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