Re: Help date this photo for me? #general

Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - Thanks for everybody that responded! I've had a wide range of
responses. Someone pointed out something I didn't realize, that the
people who take portraits in the "old days", would have clothing for the
people to wear. So the clothing on the children might not have actually
been owned by the family.

In any event, I think the key thing pointed out by several people was
the "dropped waist" dress that the girl was wearing. This I believe
dates it either in the late 1910s or the 1920s, when this style was common.

The mystery about this photo is that it was only in the possession of 1 of
4 sisters (great aunts to my wife), and this one sister never married.
Since it's a copy, it's curious that the other sisters didn't have copies
either. Since it was in a nice portrait holder (with cover), I'm assuming
that it was an important photo, i.e. perhaps some well known relative (at
least to the sister), and this is the reason why I'm trying figure out who it is.

I sure wish that these ancestors would have written on the back of the
photos, who the people were!! :)

Mark London
Natick, MA

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