Re: Help needed with Philadelphia arrival image/info. #general


I was doing searches for Mark London's relative, E Markus, to see if a
better image for his 1894 Philadelphia arrival was available, and a resource
came up that I was unfamiliar with. It has a wealth of immigrant info that
has me relooking for all of my relatives who came via Philadelphia. It's the
"Philadelphia Bank Immigrant Passage Records, 1890-1949".
Here is an excerpt >from the description: "Today, the record books of the
Blitzstein Bank, Rosenbaum Bank, and Lipshutz Bank are housed at the
Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center (PJAC). They offer unique kinds of
information, including the name and U.S. address of the person who paid for the
tickets, port of entry - usually, but not always the port of Philadelphia - and
intended final destination (again, not necessarily Philadelphia)."
Ancestry's searchable database makes merging data with my Family Tree
Maker data easier,(no images), but the actual source is JewishGen, (of course).
Here is the Ancestry link that details all the great information available
and has links to several JewishGen bank databases.

Carolyn Rutherford
Batavia, Ohio
formerly of Milwaukee, WI USA
@CMR_Gen on Twitter

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