"Found your photos" - Tarnow Cemetery, 2011 visit #general

Banai Lynn Feldstein

I was wandering through the pages of IFoundYourCamera.net and saw an entry of

This particular entry was a memory stick found in the Jewish Cemetery in Tarnow on
13 October 2011. It seems to me that a Jewish genealogist is a likely visitor to
that location, so I wanted to share it with this group.


This site posts found pictures and attempts to reunite them with their owners. If
you recognize the pictures, there is information on the web site for how to contact
the site owner. I saw a few entries that were old photos found in attics and thrift
stores, but most were >from lost cameras or memory cards.

Banai Lynn Feldstein
Salt Lake City, UT USA

Feldstein, Bochkiss - Ataki, Moldova
Mularzewicz, Kurlender - Rutki/Wizna, Poland
Rosenthal, Schwimmer - Mukacheve, Ukraine
Halpert, Szleper - Kalisz, Poland

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