Stumped - Harry NATHAN and family 1915 #general

A. E. Jordan

I am stuck here .... maybe this family went "home"?

In the 1915 NY State Census there is clearly a family living at 168 South 2nd
Street, Brooklyn where the father is Harry NATHAN, wife Rose and two children Jacob
age 4 born in the US and Harriet age 3 born in the US. (Ancestry has the indexing
messed up but you can see them under the name Nathen.)

That's the only time I can find the family in the Census or US records. Maybe
possibly there is a Harry and Rose NATHAN in Philadelphia in 1940 but no Jacob or
Harriet anywhere that I can see in the Census 1920, 1925, 1930 or 1940.

Where did they go? Maybe they get missed in one Census but nothing at all after

Here the kicker ... its a three family house in Brooklyn and the other families are
Barnett Sanders and his wife Eva NATHAN Sanders and Goodman Cohen and his wife
Jennie NATHAN Cohen. Yes they were sisters born in Europe with a maiden name of
NATHAN (Eva is my great grandmother).

I am trying to find this NATHAN family and figure out if Harry is a brother,
cousin, etc. of Eva and Jennie (born Soshana).

I looked in the NYC marriages index and no marriage for a Harry or H** NATHAN
marrying a rose circa 1910 in New York City. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Allan Jordan

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