kinds of Russian settlements #general

Herbert Lazerow

<Can somebody tell me the difference between a town, a village and a shtetl.?>

These were official designations made by the Russian government. I have written
down the following designations, with common abbreviations
G. = gorod = city
Khut. = khutor = farm
Kol. = Kolonia = agricultural colony
M. = mestechko = town
Pos. = poselok = small village
Der. = derevnya = village
S. = selo = village with church
Sl. = sloboda = village on a highway, often at a crossroads
Stants = village in southern Russia, usually Cossack; railroad station

Most places with Jewish populations seem to have been mestechkos.

<What would the population be of each?>
I am sure that the Russian government had criteria for each designation that might
have included population, but I do not have the impression that places moved >from
one designation to another in accord with population changes.
Herbert Lazerow
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