The missing Colman FINKELSTEIN #general

Paul Silverstone

When Chaim FINKELSTEIN died in Winnipeg in 1920, the probate court
listed his heirs as his second wife Esther & children, Esther, Samuel,
Samson, Miriam and D.R. Finkelstein and a grandson, Earle, son of Colman
Finkelstein. My problem is son Colman.

Chaim and his three older children arrived in Canada in 1886. All except
Colman are listed in the 1891 census. Chaim’s first wife Annie died in 1899.

Next to her gravestone in Winnipeg is a monument to Calvin Finkelstein
that also lists the names Esther, Samuel, Samson and David. The photo I
have seen of it is illegible.

Is Calvin Colman? What happened to him and his family if those other
names are his family? I have found no records in the vital records of
Manitoba about him. Did some disaster wipe out the family except son Earle ?

Possibly Colman changed his name to Calvin and lived in some other part
of North America. When they died (if that is the case) the remains were
taken to Winnipeg to be buried in the family plot. Other than the
probate record no trace of Earle has been found.

I have also thought that Colman never came to America, but then who is
Calvin buried in the family plot?

Any suggestions as to what happened to Colman would be welcome.

Paul Silverstone
New York, NY

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