Re: Jews from Lithuania Resident in Riga Latvia Between the Two World Wars #general

William Yoffee

Martha Lev-Zion is quite right about how the Jews of Courland were treated
by the Russians in March-April 1915. This treatment was not limited to the
Jews of Courland. As I pointed out on a previous post, it was extended to
Jews in Kovna Gubernia and elsewhere.

I apologize for using the neutral term "evacuated" which I agree does not
adequately describe the actual treatment of the Jews that is difficult to
describe adequately in a limited space.

Hag Sameach and Shavuah Tov.

Bill Yoffee
Panevezys District Research Coordinator .

I would like to correct what I consider to be an error on the part of
Bill Yoffee's post to Jewishgen which included the following sentence:

It should be noted that in March-April 1915, the Russians, while
retreating >from the German army, evacuated the Jews of Courland, many of
whom> returned after the war.

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