TENENBAUM from Warsaw #general

Lubov Pilko <lubapg@...>

Dear forum members.
My family is looking for their relatives TENENBAUM, which before World War
II lived in Poland in Warsaw. Were bookbinders, printing.

Father of Abram TENENBAUM, mother Riva or Rebecca, four sons: Gershon,
Moses, Jacob (Yankel, Jakub) Benyyamin, two daughters: Helena (Leah), Sarah.

One of his sons - Moses escaped to the Soviet Union. The fate of the others
we do not know. We would love to hear their fate.

I understand that we have very little information, but some of them had
children, maybe they managed to survive. Perhaps some have emigrated to
France, because they had relatives there.

Help us, please, if possible.
Thank you.
Luba Pilko

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