Update on my family #general

Trudy Barch

Thank you everyone who has helped me with my family 'my brick wall' and has
taught me how to use many different helpful websites.
I definitely appreciate comments and help >from each of you.

Grandpa and his parents and siblings (he was single at the time) I found on
the 1905 New York census and coming to America via Quebec in 1898.
Grandma (his wife years later) was my biggest problem because I did not know
the European name. With the help of many people, we found great grandmother
and younger children coming to Chicago via Quebec in 1910. Using that
spelling of the last name, I found grandma coming to America in 1908 via
Liverpool and Quebec. Haven't found yet how and when she came to Chicago.
Also have not found her father yet who arrived in 1903, according to later
census records.

I am a 'snowbird' and will continue with this research when I return home
next spring. I have written careful, detailed notes of what I have done and
what I should do next.

Again thank you everyone for your help and patience teaching me how to use
some of the websites.

Trudy Barch, Chicagoland

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