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Allan Jordon <Aejordan@...> wrote:
But also keep in mind that for the early arrivals there
was no verification of the arrival information. Most of
my own family arrived in the 1880s or early 1890s and
naturalized (if they did) before 1900. I have never found
any useful arrival information on their naturalization papers
and often the dates they give for their arrivals are wildly
off >from what I find in the manifests.
Allan and I are pretty much on the page on search strategies, but
have had different experiences with success. Since the pre-1907
naturalization process was managed by individual states and courts,
one sometimes finds variation in the information recorded. While I
agree that generally pre-1900 naturalization records do not have
the wonderful wealth of information found on post 1906 records, I
have found some valuable info that **did** lead to finding a
manifest record.

I'd thought that my great great uncle Simon Liebross' arrival in
NYC in 1890 was his first. It wasn't until I located his 1899
naturalization papers that I started to wonder. That document said
that he'd arrived in the USA on 13 August 1881.

While I knew it was a long shot (since dates on records tend to get
fuzzy through the years and earlier manifests don't provide much
identifying information), I tried searching on Ancestry for any
ship that arrived in NYC on 13 August 1881. I was able to locate
S.Liebroifs (indexed as Liebraefe) who was the correct age to be
Simon Liebross. The "f" was one of those old-style spelling things
used in place of the first "s" in a double "s" word.

Bottom line? Just because it hasn't been found before before,
doesn't mean it won't. As Allan noted, one should check all possible

And, on a side note: in light of Lisa Cohn's post (that started this
conversation) on seeking her family in Castle Garden manifests, I
have posted a blog post on using the Family History Library and
FamilySearch for ordering microfilm and documents:

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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