Joshua PLOTKIN from Maine #general

Howard Coupland <how.jacque@...>


My mother had two cousins that >from Vilnius. We lost contact with the family
just after 1939 and assumed they perished in the shoah.
I tried checking the Yad Vashem website but to no avail.
Recently I discovered a photo of them and dated Wilna,1922. In Yiddish at
back of photo is written Rachel and Joshua PLOTKIN (approx 18 years)
I noticed there was a Joshua Plotkin >from Portland, Cumberland, Maine died
Feb 75 aged 71.
I tried to find information about him in the 1940 Census with no luck.
However there is mention that he served briefly in US Army during WW2.
So the age and name do match but as yet I do not have a place of birth.

Many thanks and appreciation,

Howard Coupland
Leeds, England

PLOTKIN (Vilnius, Lithuania and Stary Bykhov, Mogilev, Belarus)

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