Colman FINKELSTEIN, again #general

Paul Silverstone

Colman Finkelstein said in his naturalization application in Canada that
he arrived in America on the s.s. Arizona in December 1885. His wife
was named Chantze, they had no children at that time.

The manifest for this ship lists three Finkelsteins, the writing
interpreted as Kahmen, age 23, Chane, age 20, and Kalmar, age 15.
The odd thing is that all are listed as female, “spinsters”.
Was there some benefit, a cheaper ticket for instance, for a female?

I now believe that the teenager was actually his cousin, also named
Colman, who up to now has been otherwise unaccounted for. This Colman
I wrote about earlier. it appears that he used the name Calvin in America.

His sister's grandson, born in 1915, had the middle name Calvin.
Therefore it appears that the missing Colman/Calvin was born about 1870
and died before 1915. He arrived in Canada at age 15, had a son Earle,
and a wife Belle Atlas.
Paul Silverstone
New York
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