Jews deported from Beuthen/Bytom #general


In May/June 1942 the Germans deported the 900-1,000 Jews resident in
Beuthen/Silesia, now Bytom, Poland, to Auschwitz. There are no known
survivors. Some years ago I indexed the Gestapo lists of deportees and
this is available on JewishGen. However, the information on the lists was
limited to names, local addresses and date of deportation, i.e. no date or
place of birth or maiden name. Although it also had the deportation
lists, the Bundesarchiv has never included the names in the Gedenkbuch on
the grounds that without date of birth the information would be confusing.

I have gone over the lists, corrected some typos, and added, where
available, dates and places or birth as well as maiden names for 918
persons. This database will be available on JewishGen, though the timing
is not known. I have also sent the database to the Bundesarchiv with the
request that the deaths of these hitherto invisible Holocaust victims be
publicly recognized.

Peter Lande Washington,

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