1940 US Census indexing #general

Harvey Kabaker

Recently I helped a new acquaintance find himself, with his family, in
the 1940 Census. He was concerned that none of his attempts to search in
Ancestry.com came up with anyone in his household.

To make a long story short, I discovered that Ancestry's indexer for
this page fell down badly. In the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn,
the indexer saw "Lery" instead of "Levy" (G-K!). Levy is believed to be
the second-most common Jewish surname after Cohen. No type of fuzzy
searching will return Lery for Levy.

FamilySearch, Archives.com and MyHeritage got it right, but the last
made a small mistake in my friend's first name. Ancestry, though,
managed to mangle three of the five given names in his family.

Also revealing is that a search for the surname Lery in the 1940 Census
for all of the U.S. turns up 2,256 hits in Ancestry, 303 in
FamilySearch, 294 in Archives.com and 547 in MyHeritage.

Harvey Kabaker

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