Re: Zempelburg #general

Roger Lustig

Dear Ronald:
The 1812 census--at least the published form--is in NALDEX, GerSIG's own
database of surname adoptions and heads of households. I assume you're
referring to that when you say " known to..."

Is the Zempelburg census itself known to exist? We have it for nearby
Flatow (Zlotow), albeit only on Nazi-era films. The originals were lost
at the end of WW II. I don't know of any Jewish vital records for the
period before 1874 for Zempelburg, and the later ones I've seen are
actually post-WW II translations into Polish.

Please consider adding your interests to the JewishGen Family Finder.
Perhaps some of the 30+ researchers currently listed there will have
information about your families of interest.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

Ronald Wallace wrote:
I am researching a family Tilsiter known to have come >from Zempelburg,
which is now the Polish town of Sepolno Krajenskie.

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