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Paul Silverstone

I don't believe there has been an answer to this question. The number
of Jews who were knighted in the 19th century is about 30. Not knowing
his surname makes it very difficult, but those on the list are quite
eminent, being judges or lawyers, London aldermen, or wealthy men.
Also, about 25 were knighted between 1900 and 1919.
If one of these lived in Dover, he might be the one. It is also
possible that this person received a lesser honor of one of the orders
of knighthood that would not confer the title "Sir."
Unless this uncle had some connection with government, banking, etc. in
addition to his printing, I would guess his knighthood was either
a) a lesser decoration or award, or b) >from a foreign nation.
Paul Silverstone

It seems that my cousin's maternal grandfather, Harry M. HYMAN (born
October 15, 1886 in Marimpol, Lithuania. died January 18, 1957 in
Chicago, Illinois)was taught to be a printer by his (unnamed) uncle
who lived in Dover, England during the nineteenth century and was

This uncle taught Harry, the son of Samuel HYMAN POTTERCHINSKY and
his wife, Makha, and Harry's brother the printing business, so when
Harry and his brother immigrated to the USA >from England through
Canada sometime between 1890 and 1904 they already had a skill and
capital to start their own printing business in Chicago. This
business was the Dearborn Press, located in downtown Chicago and
was in business >from around 1905 to 1960. The Dearborn Press
published the Sears Catalogue in the first part of the 20th century,
and Harry ran the business with his brother until the start of the
Depression, and then became the sole owner in the the early 1930s.

Apparently, Harry spoke five languages and lived in various countries
in Western Europe when we was a child. My cousin would like to find
out who Harry's uncle was and when and why he was knighted, and any
other early history of that family.
Paul Silverstone
New York
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