Re: 1860-2002:Executives of Banks (Russia/USSR) #general

Jules Levin

The information is on the Russian language site at: Information is based on Bank of Russia
Bulletin 32 (684) on 11/06/03.

Short biographies are included.There are several Jewish names.
In fact there are 4 Jews on these lists. All served between the October
Revolution and WW II. Among the pre-revolutionary names are German names.
Many ethnic Germans served in high positions in the Tsarist government; there
were no Jews among them, although some may have had Jewish-sounding names
[I believe there was a GOLDBERG on Hitler's staff].

Here are the 4 Jews:

Yakov Stanislavovich GANETSKY
Aron L'vovich SHEYNMAN
Moisey Iosifovich KALMANOVICH
Solomon Lazarevich KRUGLIKOV

Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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