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Renee Steinig

Increasingly, college and university graduates are listed on their
schools' alumni websites. Some of these online directories can only be
searched by alumni using passwords or access codes; others allow
non-alumni to view some minimal -- but potentially useful --

For example, the Brooklyn College site < >
is searchable by maiden or married name. So a search for one of my
family surnames, WEITZNER, yielded a list of nine graduates, including
four women listed by their married names. (Note: Searching for any of
these four women by first name and maiden name brought no results.)

On the other hand, the Barnard College site
< > can be searched only by the surname
currently in the school's alumnae records. However, maiden names do
appear in the search results and results may also include the names of
family members who did not attend the school.

Other alumni sites I've used:

Duke University < >
Cornell University < >
Harvard < >
New York University < >
University of Pennsylvania < >
Yale University < >

Other information that showed up on one or more of these sites:
current state of residence, zip code, major, year of graduation,
degree, school attended (i.e. within a university), email address, and
whether the person is registered on the site.

To search for alumni sites, try googling the college or university's
name plus the words ** alumni directory **. On the site, look for the
link for first-time login by alumni.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

MODERATOR NOTE: Full URLs of those sites for which only the tinyurl is
given above are:

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