San Francisco Bay Area Family History Centers #general

Cyndi Norwitz

I need to order some microfilm vital records >from Family Search
so I can scan them. I've done this before with mixed results,
so I would love your advice on where to send the microfilm. I
need to pick one of the local Family History Center locations
(they're in Mormon churches usually but not every church has one).

I was lucky enough to find myself in Salt Lake City this August
so I spent two mornings in the genealogy center there. Amazing.
Lots of computers available with film scanners attached in an open,
airy, well-lit room. No lines. You could choose to sit or stand.
All the equipment worked well and was very quick, with good clear
pictures. Best of all, it was free.

A year or so ago, I had a film sent to the Santa Rosa FHC (I'm in
Petaluma so it's the one closest to me). Everyone was very nice
there but it's tiny and inadequate. The room with the scanners is
very cramped and kept almost completely dark and there is only one
computer with a scanner attached, so you can't spend too much time
there. It took a bit longer to make each scan. But the real deal
breaker is that the scanner can not view an entire page. I had to
make two scans for each page. Which makes transcription extremely
difficult. 25 cents per scan IIRC (but they gave me half price
because of the above issue). I don't want to return there.

The other centers a reasonable distance >from me are:
San Rafael
San Francisco

Has anyone here been to any of these places? Or others nearby?
Can you give a review?

Cyndi Norwitz
Petaluma, California

Kotesova, Slovakia: DEUTELBAUM, ZELENKA
Kosice, Slovakia: KRIEGER
Cleveland, OH & Chicago, IL & Pittsburgh, PA: DEUTELBAUM
Chudnov, Ukraine: DUBIN

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