In the Hausierers' Basket #austria-czech


Hello Austria-Czech SIG:

Celia Male asked: Have you ever wondered what the Hausierers had in their

Yes, indeed I have. Based on the Luhov court records, my GGGF's
basket must have contained fabric --- 8 lengths of canvas, a scarf,
and a valuable piece of red cloth.

Background: My GGGF borrowed 100 fl. >from a couple in the next village
to start a business in 1815, promising to repay 10 fl. per year at 5%
interest. Sometime after 1825, the son of the lender claimed that the
loan was not repaid.

In addition to cash, these pieces of cloth were mentioned as payments made
over the years in the many bickering sessions that ensued in court.

The court records were handwritten in Old German, except for GGGF's
signature on one of them -- in Hebrew. (The oldest signature yet found on
his side of the family.)

The case dragged on for 14 years and we have concluded that it either just
went away or was finally and amicably settled. Did he stiff his neighbor?

Apparently not -- 14 years on, a new application to another town to open
a pedlary there was accompanied by a letter >from the Mayor of his home
village stating that he "has demonstrated honest and upright
behavior throughout all of the years he has lived in our community.
Therefore he can be granted the very highest character reference."

On occasion, I do wonder what else was in that basket.

Dave Bernard, in Massachusetts

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