making a map with pins for ancestors #general

Martha Forsyth

Judi Wagner asked:
Is there a way to make a map and put in pins with names and coordinates
for all the places and family names that our ancestors lived in?
It is a great way to see how all the families involved lived and moved
within a certain area across lines that changed as countries and names
Anyone have any experience with this?
I've done this using Google Maps. It's a bit tedious to learn their
system, but you can mark the places you want, put in the information
about them that you want, organize (or reorganize as it grows) the list
of places where you usually see "directions", choose the shape and color
of your "pins" (e.g., different colors for different branches of the
family), etc.

Actually, come to think of it, Google Earth will let you do that too -
in a slightly different way. Judi, if you want to see my Philadelphia
map, contact me privately and I'll send you the link.

Best, Martha Forsyth
Newton, MA

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